Depression and weight loss

Have you noticed you eat a lot more when you are sad or depressed? That's because food makes you feel better. It makes everyone feel better! It helps gets your mind off things and is a lot more enjoyable than thinking about what we are depressed about. That's why it is so easy to just eat and forget everything.

drink green tea to help weight loss! That's why I have a saying. If you want to get rid of weight, you need to get rid of other problems first! Being in the right frame of mind is important to losing weight successfully. If you have a lot of issues in your life at the moment and are struggling to deal with it, now is not the time to start trying to lose weight! It will only stress you out more (Ageless Male) and do more bad than good, read more Ageless Male reviews.

This is where you need to start. Want to lose weight? Then start with your other problems first. Be more carefree, relax, try not to let everything and anything get on your nerves. Say thank you and smile a lot! You will feel better, you will make others feel better, which makes you feel better, and that makes everyone feel better, and THAT my friends is what you need to make losing weight a whole lot easier!

I can't recall how many times I gained weight again because I was depressed. So work on any other issues you have first! Trust me, you will realize how important other things in your life are besides your weight. And this is a good thing, because when you are in the right frame of mind for losing weight, you will lose it easily!

Some tips to help you feel good about yourself:

1) Do something for someone else. Make sure it is not a return favor, you should do it for nothing, out of nowhere, just offer to do something (like help them with the gardening, chores around the house, taking them out to dinner, etc - the list is endless!)

2) Rearrange your furniture! Yes, that's right. Not only is it a good workout, a refreshing change to the way things are in your house is always good! Trust me, this will make you feel better every time you walk into the room! (for the first week anyway, then you get used to it and need to move things around again hehe)

3) Plant a tree! or just do some gardening. It always feels good to do something for the environment. With this note, I make it a habit to bring my own calico bags when I go shopping. Makes me feel good every time I take them out to load my groceries! Do it!

4) Smile a lot! I mean a lot! Just smile, people will look at you and comment how joyful you look today =) That's always a good thing!

5) be a grumpy mean fart! I remember I was like that at times. I snapped at people when I was having a bad day for no reason. If you ever find yourself doing this, stop and think to yourself why? Others deserve better and so do you!

I hope these tips give you some ideas. They shouldn't stop here, think of some on your own and don't forget that being happy is the best start to losing weight easily!

So if you haven't already, read all my other tips to help you get started, and on your way to a happy and healthier body!

Posted on AJuly 12, 2017 by Elisabeth Sutton