Motivation? Motivation!

This is one of my most successful articles and I get a lot of comments about it. This is where you need to start if you are serious about losing weight!

The only thing that motivation and losing weight DON'T have in common is that you need one to get the other. In other words, if your goal is to lose weight use Testogen, you need to have motivation, look testogen. If you lose this motivation, then you also lose your goal. Simple concept - hard to put into practice!

Goals! Goals!

This is how you get motivation - through goals. Set yourself a goal. Don't be unrealistic. Don't say you want to lose 45kgs (100lbs) in a month! It is vital that you set yourself a goal that you CAN and WILL achieve. If at anytime it looks to be impossible, you can say goodbye to motivation, and thus your goal.

So set yourself an achievable goal. Start small. Tell yourself you will lose 1 kg (2.2lbs) each week. Then work to do it. Also, set the same goal in a slightly larger time-frame. This means telling yourself you will lose 4kgs (8.8lbs) by the end of the month. That way, if you fall behind a little bit, you can always tell yourself to work harder so you meet the monthly goal!

Now, it is very important that you have a friend, or partner, someone who you report to at the end of each week. Someone who you want to impress, and show them that you can achieve what you set out to do! This way, you stay motivated to meet your target. If you have bad news to tell them at the end of the week, don't mope about it. Do something fun and productive to the cause. Some exercise around the neighbourhood together! Feel good about it so you can try harder the next week.

Goals don't even need to be specific to losing weight! They can be small things, like 'I won't eat any fast food at all this week' or 'I am going to run around the block once every day for this week'. The weight loss will come in time with goals like this. This method is great because it won't have you depressed if you don't lose so and so amoutn of weight. Just aim to complete the goals you set!

Just think about the day when you approach your final goal. You will be the happiest person alive! You will feel on top of the world!

The Little Engine that could Losing Motivation

There is nothing worse than losing motivation. This is where things will start to spiral downwards. That's why it is important to have goals and someone who will see that you meet them. But in reality, you aren't doing this for anyone but yourself. Anyone who tells you it is impossible is usually someone who has failed and given up on something before. Nothing is impossible!

You need to think about this way. Every time you fail to meet your goal gives you another chance to try again! You can start living the life you want if you really wanted to. There's nothing stopping you. If you have the motivation, you will succeed! Why do I have a picture of a train there? Well, you need to be like the 'Little Engine who Could' (if you haven't heard of it, find it and read it). Just tell yourself over and over again 'I can do it'... because you can!

The Journey!

My journey was a long one. Ever since I was in high-school, I tried to lose weight with varying success. I lost motivation a lot of times and gave up.

But over the past year, I have managed to reach my goal - lose weight and keep it off! I could do this because I made sure I didn't lose motivation. I held on to it. Please, do yourself a favor and tell yourself this - No matter how hard the journey is, not matter how many times you want to give up, you deserve to be happy with yourself, so make it happen. Only you can do this for yourself, so do it!

Posted on June 17, 2017 by Elisabeth Sutton